Choose your pricing plan

  • Platinum Tender Plan

    Every month
    If you wish to make R1 mil from tenders in the next 3 months
    • Unlimited calls to Tender Expert
    • Reviewal of your price and costing calculations
    • Reviewal of tender documents before you submit
    • Attend all tender classes for free
    • Help you search for suppliers
    • Unlimited consultation with Tender Expert
    • Mentorship to ensure you hit your goal of R1 mil
  • Diamond Tender Plan

    Every month
    Best for someone planning to submit 2 tenders per month
    • 8 session with Tender Expert per week
    • 8 calls per week on tender advice
    • Assistance to find 2 suppliers per month
    • Review of 2 tenders per month
    • Review you pricing and costing calculations of 2 tenders
  • Gold Tender Plan

    Every month
    Ideal for someone who wants to submit 1 tender per month
    • 4 Session with tender expert
    • 4 call with tender expert
    • Review of 1 tender before submission
    • Review of price and costing calculations for 1 tender
  • Blue plan

    Every month
    Perfect for someone who plans to submit one tender per month
    • 2 online sessions with tender expert on Zoom
    • 2 calls per month to tender expert
    • Review of 1 tender to ensure before submission